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In my earliest artistic years I pursued German Expressionism and Abstract  Expressionism which gradually evolved into Abstraction and finally into Realism.

Since my images came from natural forms, it was a natural progression to the landscape. My fascination with the land-scene, itsí awesome space, grandeur, solitude and spirituality kept me committed until I moved my studio to Oakland near the estuary.

I have been inspired by the complexity and beauty of marine-industrial images.  Adding machinery to the "land-scenes" has been as exciting process of discovery and immense artistic growth and development. 

To capture a "sense of place", different elements from many studies are combined to make a composition. Canaletto, among others, inspired me to paint these scenes with realistic detail and a meticulous working procedure. The edges are soft and blended with images developed by applying many thin layers of oil paint. Working on top of a dark alkyd under-painting, more depth, luminosity, vibrancy and intensity of color are achieved. Directional light, specific time of day with reflections or double images are as important to me as a classical central focal point on the canvas. I like the juxtaposition of hard, dense solid metal/wood against soft, fluid, translucent sky/water. Reflections or double images add another dimension and more interest to a composition.

The animate urban "marine-scenes" have a similar spiritualism and spatial quality as the earlier and, now, later "land-scenes". Having come almost full circle, I am again painting land-scenes, but, which are very different from the earlier ones. They are much more defined and technically complex after a decade of having paid such close attention to detail in the "marine-scenes". Paradoxically, the "marine-scenes" are a timely visual documentation of the area and industry while the land-scenes are a visual interpretation of the place and space rendered.

Signed & numbered limited edition Fine Art Prints available.

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